Dave is the founder of the . Dave relaxing"I have had experience as a top and a bottom, but I prefer being bound. As one of the founding members of the New York Bondage Club and past president, I experienced a wide variety of scenes and types of bondage; from rope to chains, leather to latex, electricity to water sports and much more. I particularly enjoy prison chain gang and P.O.W. scenes."

boy david

boy david is very submissive, loves to be bound and tortured. Dave relaxingboy david at a private Dbc party", "left", "His 6.5" shows quickly when he is tied up.

he is a very active member of the , and also attends many private parties and has his own in house get togethers. Also, boy david has begun his development as a top.

he co-moderates the Yahoo group.

boy david is also an associate member of the Chicago Hellfire Club.

Just indicate you're going to tie david up and he gets hard. He enjoys flogging, humiliation and electricity! Dislikes include water sports, fisting and scat. He is also into cbt, tit tortureand spankings.

boy david has had one of his adventures published in Bound and Gagged (July 2003 magazine and August 2003 online issue).

You can find out more about boy david by visiting www.migaybondageboy.com .


He likes to cause pain. Bondage is just for keeping his bottoms from getting away. James at the 2004 DBC Eagle NightHe is a very heavy bottom, and plays very hard.

James has developed into a very demanding top, giving out exactly what he likes to receive. He is also exploring his interest in other aspects of SM including watersports and humiliation.

He is an associate member of the Chicago Hellfire Club.

James has had two of the his topping adventures published in Bound and Gagged (January and July 2003 magazines and August 2003 online issue).


John is a bottom.

John enjoys rope and and some light play, especially the nipples!


Julio is the secretary of the . Julio as the fist Dbc poster boyJulio has been a member of the from the beginning. Here is his first appearance at the first meeting of the club.

He is a switch, and likes to experiment with new toys. Julio enjoys BDSM seminars including those put on by Michigan Rope and ACT in Toronto.

Julio co-moderates the Yahoo group.


Ken has a passion for bondage, especially rope. Ken flanked by his favourite bootblacks: black (Toronto Bootblack 2003) and Boi Joe (Toronto Bootblack 2004)As one of the Canadian members of the Ken has been active in the scene for five years.

As well as hands on work, Ken puts a lot of time and effort into researching his passion for bondage. He is a member of one Windsor and two metro Detroit pansexual groups and attends many of their seminars and parties. He also attends the Safer SM Seminar series presented each year by the AIDS Comittee of Toronto.

He is also an associate member of the Chicago Hellfire Club, member of Delta international, NY Renegades the South Florida Bondage Club.

Ken has had two of the his adventures published in Bound and Gagged (January and July 2003 magazines and August 2003 online issue).

Bondage is Ken's overriding interest. As a top or a bottom, it just isn't the same without bondage. Rope is the restraint of choice, followed by leather and institutional restraints. Mummification is good. Metal and wood restraints round out the list.

For SM, Ken prefers an up close and personal approach, using items such as clothespins, clamps and the hand itself. Violet wands, and their many attachments are fun. Floggers and slappers are nice too!

Ken loves to cuddle, and has a hard time keeping his hands off a good looking boy he's bound and gagged.

You can find out more about Ken by visiting www.bondagecontrol.com/grayswitch


Max is master of Talon.They have been together for seven years, the last two as master and slave. "I'm the proud owner of my daddy--a 50 yo Native American, ex-Air Force--and working him into the perfect slave. Not that he has far to go but training is always important. I'm looking to expand my stables for the right boys or uncles to go along with my daddy-slave.

"I love leather/rubber gear, bondage, rimming, foot worship, ws, animal training, and much more. Given the right chemistry, I can enjoy receiving the same. Also am curious about stranger stuff like mind control.

"I heard the IML 2004 winner talk about how 20-something year old Masters are just Internet fakers. Let me present myself as a counterexample. I'm a Master because two years ago and every day since then, my slave has offered himself to me. That doesn't mean I know all or don't have things to learn. I'm eager to try new things, no matter what the role or "tradition" says.

"The leather "community" doesn't need to seek out young kinky guys to mentor, though many of us would be glad to have one. The community needs to respect the young men who are exploring their kinks and not automatically treat them as subs or know-nothings. Also, if you want to welcome young guys, lower event fees and play some better damn music in the leather bars. Its 2005 for Gods' Sake!"


Talon is Max´s slave. He is 50 year old Native American, ex-Air Force. He and Max have been together for eight years, the last three as slave to Max.

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